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Understanding Bipolar
Disorder and Recovery

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National Institute
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National Institute
of Mental Health

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I.   Mission

A.  To provide support, education and advocacy for people with mental illness and their families.

B. To promote better quality of care, rights and interests of people with mental illness, particularly of those who cannot speak for themselves, and to advocate policies at the local, state and national levels to accomplish these objectives.

C.  To help families and friends of people with mental illness by providing
emotional support, education and information.

II.    Membership

A.  Membership is composed primarily of people with mental illness, their families,
friends, mental health providers, and/or allay professionals, and people in the

B.  Members in good standing are eligible to hold office and vote in person on all
motions considered at general membership meetings.  No proxy votes will be allowed unless under extreme circumstances under consideration of the board.

C.  Control of this organization rests wit the members.  Any action of the Board of Directors is subject to review and approval by a majority of the membership present at a meeting.  Any member may request that any action or motion be tabled or rescinded
by a majority of the membership at a regular meeting or a special meeting called for the purpose.

D.  The organization shall be independent of other agencies and advocacy groups not
affiliated with NAMI, and shall not share bylaws, articles of incorporation, or
boards of directors with such other groups.

III.    Dues

A.  Affiliate members pay dues yearly as established by the Board of Directors.

B.  The local affiliate may waive dues for individual members at their discretion.

IV.    Membership Meetings

A.  Regular meetings of the membership will be held once a month except in July and

B.  The May membership meeting is designated as the Annual Meeting for the election of officers.

C.  Special meetings of the members may be called by the President, the Board of
Directors or on request of five or more members.

V.    Fiscal Year

The fiscal year begins July 1 and ends June 30.

VI.    Board of Directors (currently only room for 5 members until future membership grows)

A.  The Board of Directors will have no more than nine members including the five
elected officers – president, first vice president, second vice president, treasurer and secretary.  The officers may elect by majority vote as many as four additional directors from among the affiliate members to serve concurrent terms.

VII.    Terms of Office

A.  The officers’ regular term of office is two years, continuing until the election
of their successors.

B.  The immediate past president services as an ex-officio member of the Board of

C.  The Board of Directors may replace any director or officer who has failed to
attend three consecutive board meetings.  After giving reasonable notice to the director or officer involved, board may declare the office vacant.

D.  The board will elect replacements to fill vacant elective positions except for
the office of the president.

VIII.  Duties of Officers

A.  The president presides at all meetings of the members and of the Board of
Directors.  The president appoints chairpersons for all committees except the Nominating Committee, with the approval of the Board, and supervises their work. The President acts as the affiliate’s executive officer and, in general, performs the duties usually associated with the office of president.

B.  The first vice president succeeds the president in case of a vacancy in that office and performs the duties of the president in his absence or due to disability.  The first vice president undertakes other responsibilities assigned by the president.

C.  The second vice president succeeds the first vice president in case of a vacancy
in that office and performs the duties of the first vice president in his absence or due to disability.  The second vice president undertakes other responsibilities assigned by the president.

D.  The secretary handles correspondence for the affiliate and records minutes of
all meetings of the membership and Executive Board.

E.  The treasurer receives and disburses all the affiliate’s funds and maintains a
complete and accurate account of all funds received and disbursed.  The treasurer provides members an annual financial report listing all receipts and disbursements by budget category after the close of the fiscal year.

IX.    Authorization to Spend affidliate Funds

A.  The treasurer is authorized to pay as much as $50.00 in a given month for any
valid office expenses for supplies, printing or postage.  All other disbursements of funds must be approved in advance by either the Board of Directors or the membership.

B.  The Board of Directors, by approval of at least three of its members, may
authorize expenditures of as much as $200.00 in one month for any expenses
deemed appropriate to the mission of the affiliate.  The board will use discretion in authorizing expenditures and will seek membership approval when possible.

C.  Expenditures not approved by the Board of Directors or in excess of $200.00 must
be approved by a majority vote of members in good standing at a regular membership meeting.

X.    Elections (Currently no nominating committee)

A.  Officers are nominated by a three-member Nominating Committee appointed by the president and including at least one member who is a past president of the affiliate.

B.  After securing the consent of the nominees to serve if elected, the Nominating
Committee prepares a slate of candidates for election as officers.

C.  Officer nominations are permitted from the floor provided the candidate is a
member in good standing and has agreed to serve if elected.

XI.    Standing Committees

A.  The Executive Board creates suitable standing committees as needed such as
Public Policy, Community Relations, Education, Ad Hoc.

B.  A Special Committee may be formed to address concerns or complaints of merit
then address the Board first then the group as a whole.

XII.    NAMI Name and Logo

A.  This Organization acknowledges that NAMI controls the use of the name, acronym
and logo of NAMI and AMI, which their uses by this corporation shall be in
accordance with NAMI policy.

B.  Upon termination of affiliation with or charter by NAMI, the uses of these
names, acronyms and logo by this Affiliate member shall cease.

XIII.    Non-Discrimination

This Organization shall not discriminate against any person or group of persons
on the basis of race, disability, creed, sex, religion, or age in the requirements for membership, its policies, or actions.

XIV.    Parliamentary Authority

A current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern the conduct of
business in all cases in which they are applicable and not in conflict with the

XV.    Amendments

Any proposed amendment to the affiliate bylaws is to be presented in writing to
the entire general membership at least three weeks before the meeting at which
it is to be voted on.  Ratification of the amendment requires a favorable vote by at least two-thirds of the members in good standing present at the meeting.


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